Operating System Embedded LINUX operating system
Image Code Control Image code quality adjustable, variable bitstream optional.
Dual Stream Each channel can set main stream and sub stream.
Video Standard 30fps
Monitoring Image Quality 4K 2160P(3840×2160)
Image Motion Detection Each screen can set multiple detection areas and set 6-level sensitivity
Recording Playback Quality 16ch playback simultaneously
Region Cover Settings Every channel can set 4 cover regions(IPC Supports)
Recording Mode Support manual, auto, motion detection, alarm trigger record mode.
Backup Way Support U disk, USB mobile HDD, USB DVD-RW, network storage and backup.
Operation Way Mouse
Local Login User name and password.
Recording Storage Local HDD, network
External Ports Video Input
36×(3840×2150) +sub[960*576]+4Ref.+4Play   36ch 4K IP Camera

36×(2048×1536) +sub[960*576]+4Ref.+9Play   36ch 3MP IP Camera

36×(1920×1080) +sub[960*576]+4Ref.+16Play  36ch 2MP IP Camera

Audio Input According to the network video channel for 1:1 audio input
Video Output 1ch HDMI
Audio Output 1ch RCA
Network Port 1 RJ45,10M/100M/1000M self-adaptive LAN port
RS485 Port  Full duplex standard 485 port.
USB Port 1×USB 3.0, 2×USB 2.0 ports
Alarm Input 4ch
Alarm Output 1ch
Wireless Port WIFI
Max Capacity Each port supports MAX 4TB HDD,E – SATA interface support 9 HDD expansion shelf
Mobile Surveillance Support(iPhone, Windows Mobile, Black Berry, Symbian , Android) smart phone
Power Supply ATX110-220V 250W 50-60Hz
Power Consumption ≤30W(without HDD)
Working Temperature -10℃~+55℃
Working Humidity 10%-90%
Dimension Equipment: 440mm×356mm×70mm, Packing: 539mm×550mm×225mm
Weight(without HDD) N.W.: 5.7Kg; With Package: 6.9Kg
Outside Carton 4pcs / carton. 480mm×560mm×575mm; Weight: 30Kg
Installation Way Desktop Installation

Product Feature

  • Support P2P cloud service,including cloud connecting ,cloud monitoring、cloud transmitting to access IPC and NVR at any time and any place 。
  • Support International ONVIF Protocol,Support High profile S, High profile G,can conform to the app ONVIF、RTSP standard and the IPC of much mainstream manufacturers,
  • Support for H. 265 encoding format streaming access and decoding output;
  • Support preview image and playback of electronic amplification;
  • Support by event query, playback, backup video files;
  • Support all channels with screen display, support 4 screen the main circulation preview, synchronous playback support 4ch;
  • Support rapid yuntai ;
  • Provide network centralized monitoring management software ;

1、Preview images freely exchange, image position changes, physical address, convenient construction;

2、Can drag the tree menu, man-machine dialogue more directly, it is more convenient to set parameters;

3、Electronic amplifier, the mouse roller can realize 15 times images can be arbitrary drag (preview, playback;

4、Instant screen shots, that is, to grasp the watch;And set up independent regional preservation in the hard disk;

5、Video playback time column display, video type with that color, video query is very convenient;

6、Video backup according to time and length of time to backup, backup can be accurate to seconds (backup accurate);

7、U disk backup file can be directly on the host playback query, provide more convenience for playback backup file;

8、Equipped with WIF wireless connection;

9、The resolution of the standard, the resolution can be adjusted according to the display device, give full play to display the image effect;

10、Hard dis sequence writing, starting with zero track writing data, can improve efficiency of hard disk 2.5 times。

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